rap, terror, rap, terror, speed. (jukebox_heroine) wrote in syndrome_dc,
rap, terror, rap, terror, speed.

syndrome setlist 8/21/07

haujobb - penetration
the birthday massacre - happy birthday
car crash - international empirical child
switchblade symphony - clown
ghosting - bombed the world
sanguis et cinis - secret sin
the brides - new shocks
pink turns blue - walking on both sides
big electric cat - paris skyes

philip shade, bfa
stoneman - devil in a gucci dress
malien - skin & lye
all gone dead - vivid still breathing
doppelganger - in the box
garden of delight - levitation
second skin - liberata me
frank the baptist - scars forever
marionettes - kisses
kmfdm - spit or swallow
zombie girl - go zombie
the defectors - creepy crawl

the business - out in the cold
nation of ulysses - spectra sonic sound
dag nasty - all ages show
buzzcocks - orgasm addict
the vandals - wanna be manor
new model army - bittersweet
the brides - just because your days are numbered
horrorpops - julia
the ramones - blitzkreig bop
mission of burma - academy fight song
sex pistols - holiday in the sun
new order - dreams never end
the clash - janie jones
joy division - disorder

sisters of mercy - driven like the snow
corpus delecti - patient
malaise - walking through the wonderland
project pitchfork - sails
marilyn manson - they say that hell's not hot
deep eynde - animal garden
bauhaus - she's in parties
the brides - soviet vogue

dj shade inhabiting your dark realms
ennui - misery
empire hideous - if only i kept dreaming
altered states - letting go
horrorpops - psycho bitches outta hell
voodoo church - zombie a go go
brickbats - na na na
getting the dead red - creeping death
sex gang children - welcome to my world
morne libido - don't go out tonight
london after midnight - psycho magnet

adina is in ur club. playin ur moms jams.
the cramps - garbageman
the misfits - hollywood babylon
minor threat - filler
sunny day real estate - seven
the smiths - this charming man
gang of four - at home he's a tourist
the offspring - jennifer lost the war
johnny thunders & the heartbreakers - born to lose
siouxsie & the banshees - hong kong garden
social distortion - 1945
the queers - you're tripping
smashing pumpkins - i am one
my bloody valentine - soft as snow
sleater-kinney - don't you think you wanna?
jawbox - freezerburn
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